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Meet Synapse

The AI-powered solution designed to redefine data transformation. By automating field mapping, Synapse slashes the time and effort required for data transfers. It’s not just a tool; its your pathway to significant cost savings, unparalleled accuracy and unprecedented efficiency in data migration and integration. During your next software implementation, don’t spend months mapping and transforming data, let Synapse do it for you!

How Synapse Works


Tech Selection

Identify your starting & destination system schemas.


AI-Driven Mapping

Leverage the Synapse engine to intelligently transform source data.



Check the mapping output to ensure optimal results.


Data Integration

Directly connect to the destination system for seemless integration of full dataset.


  • Time Savings: Reduce time to market
  • Cost Savings: Save on implementation & support costs
  • Accuracy: Trust the integrity of your data
  • Flexibility: Works with existing tech stacks

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How Do I Know Synapse Will Work for My Project?

Aionic has built Synapse to focus on some of the most common use cases that companies face, and is continuously expanding the menu of systems. Synapse is proficient at mapping data from many of the most popular Ecommerce systems: OMS', PIM's, CRM's and more. For specific inquiries about your technology stack or upcoming implementation project please contact us and we would be happy to chat!

What Makes Synapse Different From Other Data Migration Tools?

With Synapse at the helm you no longer need to write custom middle tier mapping logic. Synapse uses AI to automate field mapping, significantly reducing migration time and improving accuracy.

Can Synapse Handle Large Volumes of Data?

Of course! Synapse was created with large, existing enterprise data sets in mind. Whether its years of historical customer data, or real-time event driven data objects, do not spend time mapping that data manually!

How Can Synapse Save My Company Money?

Even inexpensive Sass tools typically require long, labor intensive and expensive implementations. Our team has spent years working with companies, guiding them through these projects and one of the most laborious tasks of all is manually mapping, transforming and migrating data. Synapse does this work for you, making your implementation projects much cheaper while also speeding time to market. This allows you to more quickly realize the ROI of your new software.

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